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What do I need to renew my license?

2-Steps to renew your license

  1. Take your continuing education courses before your deadline; and
  2. Once all of your course credits appear in your TREC record, go online and pay TREC to renew your license (www.trec.texas.gov). If you renew before TREC has posted all of your credits to your record, TREC will charge you a $200 deferral fee.

What kind of continuing education do you need?

You need either SAE courses or CE courses.

  • SAE stands for "Salesperson Annual Education" and are also called Qualifying or CORE, courses. These courses are for your FIRST renewal of your real esate license. After meeting your initial SAE renewal requirements (totaling 270-hours of SAE), you will then require CE courses for all future renewals.
  • CE stands for "Continuing Education."

ALWAYS make sure of what you need before registering for any continuing education by looking up your TREC profile at: www.trec.state.tx.us/onlineservices_status.asp.

Your SAE Requirement

You will need 98 hours for the first renewal of your real estate license, which must include 8 hours of Legal Update 1 (4 hours) and Legal Update 2 (also 4 hours) as well as 90 hours of SAE courses.

See our approved SAE courses offerings here.

MCE Renewal Requirements

After you have taken 270 hours of SAE/Qualifying courses, you will need to take 18 hours of CE each renewal period.

Q: What must be included in the 18-hour requirement?

A: ALL license holders must take Legal Update 1 (4 hours) and Legal Update 2 (also 4 hours).

Additionally, if you are a broker or supervisor who sponsors one or more license holders, you must ALSO take Broker Responsibility (6 hours).

A Broker who does not need to take Broker Responsibility will need to take the standard 18 hours of CE (which includes 8 hours of Legal Update I and 2 plus 10 hours of electives).This is the same renewal requirements for Salespersons.

See our approved CE courses offerings here.

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